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What does it take to create healthy and sustainable communities for the 21st century?

Education? Renewable sources of energy and clean water? Sanitary living? Living wages?

We believe the answer is “All of the Above.”

At 4Pillars Sustainable Solutions (4Pillars), we assist and educate developing communities to adopt highly sustainable lifestyles through our innovative consulting and design-build services. In all aspects of our projects, we address our 4 Pillars of sustainable development, People, Planet, Prosperity, and Peace, and aspire to provide solutions and affordable structures that result in zero waste, carbon neutrality and demonstrate a love of God's creation through environmental stewardship.




There are 4Pillars of a Sustainable Community.


100% of energy needs for 4Pillars structures are Net Zero Carbon through use of proven, off-the shelf wind, solar heat, biogas and photovoltaic renewable energy sources. We maintain zero resource waste through reuse, recycling, composting, biogas production, innovative water and refuse management, and long-lasting building materials designed to create zero landfill waste.  


A community is only as strong as its people & 4Pillars structures are designed to help create Jobs and Economic Growth. We employ & train local engineers and laborers to assist with installation & construction. And we encourage micro-business development by providing access to a community garden, demonstrating sustainable agriculture, &  recycling of plastic, paper and glass.

4Pillars structures allow for a harmonious relationship with the planet. We provide ongoing training and education for sustainable and peaceful living; tools and know-how for clean water, sanitation, and healthy sources of light, heating and cooking; all of which lead to opportunities for gender equality for women and men to generate income for their families.    

Sustainable community development is dependent on peace. 4Pillars structures provide the resources, education, livable space, and economic abilities that establish the cornerstone for sustainable, peaceful, just and inclusive communities which are free from fear and violence. We promote this within every aspect of our company including the partners we work with.

We passionately believe that there are 4Pillars upon which healthy and sustainable communities are built: Planet, Prosperity, People, and Peace.


At 4Pillars Sustainable Solutions, we build more than just a structure.

Learn more about our sustainability solutions, request to meet with our engineers, or learn how your organization can partner with us to help create sustainable communities in less time with less waste. 

And instead of waiting until 2030...we do it today.

4Pillars Sustainable Solutions

The Cornerstone of Sustainable Communities.

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