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Affordable - Sustainable Homes

Affordable single family homes that are also zero carbon and also have zero environmental impact are possible if developed, designed and constructed as a circular-sustainable community.  We offer affordable homes that can achieve these goals and many other UN 2030 Agenda benefits . 

4Pillars Sustainable Solutions (4Pillars) has developed low cost and highly sustainable homes that can be afforded by low to middle income families in developing countries.  The homes are built using refurbished shipping containers and fitted out using proven sustainable products and materials to allow the homes to function completely off the power grid and municipal utilities.  The shipping container refurbishment plan allows for the homes to be mass produced and loaded onto a standard truck chassis to be delivered to the home development site, typically within the same day.  The site work consists of a simple concrete block foundation, grey water piping rough-in routed to a raised planter bed and domestic water from the community water service. (site developer provided well and elevated storage).  The home can then be set in place by a crane and secured to the foundation.   An example of a 40 ft container home model is below:


40 ft Container Home Plan.jpg

40 ft Container Home

Water Management
Sanitation Features
Power Systems

40 ft Container Home 3D Rendering

We offer affordable homes ranging in size from 160 SF to 2500 SF all based on the same sustainable features and made affordable through standardized refurbishment of shipping containers and mass produced locally in the country of our customers.  Ask for more details at 

40 ft Container 3d floor 3.png
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