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Every 4Pillars structure is designed and built to become the cornerstone of a sustainable community. 

Highly sustainable, durable, adaptable, affordable multi-use structures created from used shipping containers that meet 10 of the 17 sustainable development goals set forth by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Here are the United Nations Sustainable Development

Goals that each 4Pillars structure meets.

Renewable Energy goal (No. 7):  Our facilities are designed for Zero Environmental Footprint by meeting all energy needs through wind and photovoltaic renewable energy sources.


Climate Action goal (No. 13):  Our renewable energy designs support this climate action goal and our structures will have an environmental footprint of Zero.


Sustainability Design goal (No. 12):  Our structures are designed for Zero resource waste through innovative water, sanitary, biogas digestion, and refuse management.


Quality Education goal (No. 4):  We provide education and training programs that serve to empower the community residents and address UN Sustainability development goals focusing on:

  • Renewable energy for all aspects of living.

  • Water management and sustainable sanitation.

  • Sustainable agriculture training.

  • Advanced composting strategies


Responsible Consumption goal (No. 12):  Quality education starts at home by providing an environment that is conducive to learning.  We will help families achieve this by providing clean water and air, nighttime lighting for study, and nutritious and wholesome food. Sustainable agriculture and reduce, reuse and recycling training.


Gender Equality goal (No. 5):  Our approach is focused on the community centered on the family units. Our service will create many new opportunities for females, youth and family stability.


Sustainable Development goal (No. 17):  We have established key partnerships with vendors and technology providers along with non-government organizations (NGOs) and missionaries that have established relationships with the communities we serve to meet this goal.


Good Health goals (No. 3):  Our approach is multifaceted. Our facilities will provide an economical food resource for the community generated and cooked sustainably (renewable power and solar cooking). Reduction of wood and charcoal for cooking and kerosene for indoor uses results in poor, indoor air quality. Our facilities can support a health clinic (if community requests it) for check-ups, wellness appointments, and vaccines. Our approach to sanitation and clean water also support good health.


Clean Water and Sanitation goal (No. 6):  Clean water and sanitation will be a provided in our developments by incorporating proven technologies that are cost-effective and able to be replicated with local materials and labor. Clean water will be provided through filtered rainwater and storage and well water using bio-sand filters. Clean and sustainable sanitation will be provided through an innovative primary solar composting system and secondary biogas digestion of all organic matter.

Sustainable communities are not built alone.

There is a tremendous amount of technology and earth-friendly resources available today to achieve all of the UN sustainable development goals which is why the UN has identified partnerships as goal No. 17.


At 4Pillars we recognize the fact that the only way to truly build a sustainable community is to integrate, engage and focus the good works and knowledge of existing sustainability programs.


We have established key partnerships with vendors and technology providers along with non-government organizations (NGOs) and missionaries that have established relationships within the communities we serve.  4Pillars also serves as a conduit for sustainability training for established programs like WASH (water access, sanitation, and hygiene) and the Solar Cooking Institute (SCI).

At 4Pillars Sustainable Solutions, we build more than just a structure.

Learn more about our sustainability solutions, request to meet with our engineers, or learn how your organization can partner with us to help create sustainable communities in less time with less waste. 

And instead of waiting until 2030...we do it today.

4Pillars Sustainable Solutions

The Cornerstone of Sustainable Communities.

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