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4Pillars Sustainable Solutions is an innovative, industry-changing designer and builder of highly sustainable, durable, adaptable, affordable multi-use structures from used shipping containers for use in developing countries.


To be a company that builds more than just a structure we asked ourselves, “Why wait until 2030 if our structures can meet many of the UN Sustainability Goals today?”

4Pillars Sustainable Solutions

Tom Lohner, PE - President & Founder

Being a steward of the environment has guided my career towards designing structures with a focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy while earning the distinction as an expert in these areas. The diversity of the projects I have worked on have prepared me for the challenges associated with engineering and constructing an off-grid, affordable and modular structure anywhere in the world. 4Pillars is a grand opportunity for me to use my talent and love of people and God’s creation to make a substantial difference for communities that have the greatest needs.

4Pillars Sustainable Solutions

J. Christopher Larry, PE, CEM, CEP, CxA, LEED AP, CIPE

Tech. Operations Dir. & Co-Founder


My career in Architecture and Engineering design and construction has always been driven by my passion for sustainability through energy conservation and minimizing our environmental footprint. I am also passionate about sharing God’s love and using my work experience to make a difference in the world. 4 Pillars provides the opportunity to share my love of Earth-friendly design and direct these passions for our customer’s benefit by helping them create communities that revolve around sustainability, faith, family, health, education, and prosperity.

4Pillars Sustainable Solutions

Melissa Larry, Business Development Director & Co-Founder


Through 4 Pillars, I can actively work to help others thrive. Our communities create a space where basic needs can be met and where hope can be nurtured. By helping individuals improve the quality of their own existence, we improve the quality of life for the family, which radiates out to the community and beyond, and the world wins. At 4 Pillars, I am passionate about identifying new partners and new communities where our structures can be the cornerstone of hope.

4Pillars Sustainable Solutions

Kim Lohner, CPA & Co-Founder


The struggles of people in developing countries have always tugged at my heart. My husband and I have helped various foreign mission organizations through financial donations and volunteering and felt that we could do more to make a real difference. The idea of designing structures to improve communities in these struggling areas of the world grew out of this desire. As a CPA with a background in corporate, government and public accounting, I bring financial expertise to the 4Pillars corporate team.

At 4Pillars Sustainable Solutions, we build more than just a structure.

Learn more about our sustainability solutions, request to meet with our engineers, or learn how your organization can partner with us to help create sustainable communities in less time with less waste. 

And instead of waiting until 2030...we do it today.

4Pillars Sustainable Solutions

The Cornerstone of Sustainable Communities.

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